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It all started when…

When I signed up with my first purchase 3 years ago, I did it just to be a personal shopper, I bought one LipSense and I was hooked, I loved that my colour lasted most of the day - they last 4-18 hours!! Kiss for a Cause was my first colour in supporting breast cancer, then Blu Red was a must with all thinks pinup that I love. 

Later I was told to try the makeup, because I was sick of mine sweating off, even as a qualified makeup artist, my expensive makeup would not last – ever since it’s all I’ve used, I haven’t looked back.

I slowly built my own collection of makeup, and moved to using the skincare as well - my skin has never been better - at 35 I feel fantastic and hardly any wrinkles to show for my age and being a full time work at home mum with 3 little cherubs.

Working 7 days a week on our family business, being able to do this as well gives me a little "me time" and also is bringing out the confidence in me that I had prior to having children – and even more so now than before too.

So I wanted to share with you who I am, what I do as well as this amazing business – the support with SeneGence is by far the best support I have ever seen.

So if you want to buy from our range of products that are all vegan, cruelty free, wax free, lead free, kosher and come with 100% guarantee if you're not satisfied - then please shop with me.

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