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Get Some Colour In Your Life

I have been spray tanning now for 12 years using Black Magic Spray Tan. I am no longer mobile due to being a mum, but can easily setup for my clients at my home in Ropes Crossing - if you have/need to bring your child/ren you're more than welcome.

  • Black Magic Tan has no odour

  • Black Magic Tan is made from the finest quality ingredients

  • Black Magic Tan has a base of Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract

  • It will not steak

  • It will not turn orange

  • Dries super fast on your skin

  • Will not clog your pores

  • Black Magic Tan will not stain

  • It will fade evenly like a natural tan

  • Black Magic Tan is made in Australia

  • Black Magic Tan is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free & has natural DHA

Glam, Tan & Beauty Spray Tan Packages

Single Spray Tan                                  $25

Packages are pay up front and are valid for 12 months: they may include Xfoliate Mitt's, Tax Xtend or Tan Remover

4 Tans + Mitt                                      $80 normally $114.95
6 Tans + Mitt                                      $110 normally $164.95
10 Tans + Mitt & Tan Xtend               $190 normally $284.95
20 Tans + Mitt, Xtend & Remover     $400 normally $544.90

Spray Tan Skincare & Self Tan Items

Barrier Cream                                    $29.95
Tan Lock                                             $19.95
Mousse Application Mitt                   $11
Tan Nourish                                       $18
Tan Prep                                            $19.95
Tan Sparkle                                        $20
Xfoliating Mitt                                   $14.95
Tan Xtend                                          $20
Blending Brush                                  $19.95
Foaming Tan Remover                      $19.95
Instant Tanning Mousse                    $29.95
Vibe Mousse                                      $29.95



All prices include GST


Pricing effective as at 1 September 2018

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